About Us

The heart of Trulore’s purpose is to make the benefits of natural healing accessible to everyone.

Although the vast majority of consumers have come to recognize the value of natural products, many are still hesitant to trust that they will effectively address their health concerns. Due to widely-held misconceptions, some do not believe that traditional treatments can be as effective as mass-marketed, chemically-derived over-the-counter(OTC) options.

Trulore’s mission is to discover the most effective natural remedies from around the globe, improve on them with the help of advanced scientific research, and make these products available to everyone at reasonable prices. From our Poison Ivy Relief Soap developed by Marie on her forty-acre farm, to our Intensive Skin Repair Ointment created by a brilliant medicinal herbalist from Europe, our products have been proven for many years in the marketplace to be effective at treating a variety of skin conditions and health concerns.

We conduct cutting-edge scientific research before putting our name on any new formulation. Regardless of whether a product has “worked” for thousands of people or has been used for centuries, we only accept products whose effectiveness have been confirmed by rigorous scientific research. In addition, our products have been endorsed by leading medical professionals.

After seeking out and researching the most effective natural remedies from around the world, we have them manufactured in adherence to our strict standards of quality and purity, using only the finest herbs and essential oils, sustainably sourced from premium suppliers in the United States and all over the world. We oversee each step of the production process and handcraft our products in small batches to ensure proper handling of the herbs and precise formulation.

We invite you to see what all the fuss is about and experience the “pure power of plants” as they work their magic on your body.